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Formula Feeding 4 week old

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Tryingno1 · 11/11/2017 18:12

My 4 week old is formula fed

He’s s very very sleepy baby and had struggles feeding him from start
He’s hardly awake in day so only cue he is hungry is that he wakes himself from sleep hysterically crying. I don’t see the more subtle signs of hunger
He’s then so ravenous he roots hands in mouth and cries and feeding is hard work to keep his head still! Plus I feel bad he’s so ravenous!

I can’t predict when he wants to feed time wise as can be from 2.5-4 hours when he gets hungry

Any tips!

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LML83 · 11/11/2017 18:42

I think the bottles are ok for 2 hours, why don't u have it ready at 2.5-3 hours?

You could offer it when 3 hours has passed he may take it before he is ravenous.

The fact you are worrying about this shows your an attentive mum, I am sure you are doing a great job.

Tryingno1 · 11/11/2017 19:45

Thanks! New Mum no idea wot im doing!

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