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Baby stirring in sleep after feed!

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komaldb92 · 01/11/2017 11:42

Hey all!

My son seems to stir for what seems like hours during his sleep. While he is certainly asleep, he seems awfully uncomfortable and the noises keep my husband and I up!

Any ideas what it could be? Seems a lot worse after a feed - we thought perhaps it might be gas (he is notoriously difficult to burp!).

Video below!


OP posts:
Thissameearth · 01/11/2017 16:00

No answers but mine does the same (3 weeks old). Are you somewhere very cold? Baby looks very cosy wrapped up

TeaTeaTea · 01/11/2017 16:24

How old is he? My DD was similar until 3 or 4 weeks (now 8 weeks) and it was due to bowel movements. My DD also does this when in light sleep - does your son ever get into deep sleep (still, quiet breathing)? Maybe he's overtired (that annoying phenomena - they're so tired that they can't sleep properly)

Jellybabie3 · 01/11/2017 18:51

Mine does this. He is 3 weeks +4.
Agree it could be from being overtired?? Worst nights ever.....

or mine has woken to a poonami......

either or?!

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