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Nightime advice please!

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Alexxx17 · 30/10/2017 11:45

Hi all, wonder if any breastfeeding gurus can advise? My LO is a month old and is doing really well sleep-wise. He's having a bottle of expressed milk before bed at around 8, then topping up on the boob before he drops off and will generally do a five-hour stretch, followed by 2-3 hour wake-ups, which is fantastic at this early stage. But my question is this: when he wakes at say, 2am, is it more important that he gets a full feed or that he stays sleepy/swaddled and only takes a quick drink? At the moment I'm inclined to make sure he gets a proper feed but invariably that means he's more awake, wriggles out of his swaddle blanket, needs a nappy change as it's completely saturated... obviously the objective is to extend this second period of sleep. TIA.

OP posts:
AssassinatedBeauty · 30/10/2017 11:54

I would just feed him until he's had enough? Anything else seems too complicated.

Spam88 · 31/10/2017 14:16

At that age I was changed her nappy when she fell asleep and then putting her back on the other boob, but that was only because otherwise she’d be awake again in about an hour hungry. If you’re getting a few hours sleep out of him before he next wants feeding I’d just stick with what you’re doing.

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