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Shelle2706 · 30/10/2017 08:45


My 9 week old son is currently on Aptamil formula and has 5oz every three hours (roughly) but sometimes he can only last an hour between feeds before he wants fed again and seems starving. This has gotten worse over the past few days and I’m concerned that Aptamil is not satisfying him. I did try hungry milk but he seemed to go even less time between feeds!

I know it could be a growth spurt and just to ride it out but I’m tempted to try another milk to see if it makes a difference. I’ve read in some threads that babies tend to go a bit longer between feeds on sma but it can cause constipation. The other option is to try Cow and gate comfort which seems to satisfy babies for longer.

Has anyone tried switching milk with success? I know the other option is just to keep feeding him but it can be hard with a three year old to look after too when you have to feed the baby every 1-2hours! thanks

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