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Holz657 · 24/10/2017 15:58

Hello everyone

Any ideas on how to make burping breaks more easy? My 3 month old screams. I’ve never heard screams like it. He ends up making himself sick when he screams too much. It’s so hard to get a burp from him in between all this. Is there a reason he does this? Family say he just loves his milk but surely that can’t be it?

Thanks xxx

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Ebony12 · 19/11/2017 01:07

Hi there, maybe just burp at the end as the screaming causes more wind to swallowed. My 3 month naturally stops so it’s a bit easier and she does cry too at times because of the gas. I guess the screaming is either annoyed that you have stopped the feed or very uncomfortable (or both) so trying to burp is the right thing to do. Do you turn your little one round into a sitting position on my lap so they are looking out and bend forwards gently as my little one has the worse trapped gas and doing this brings up big burps - she is also 3 months. One other thing do you use a dummy? Maybe offering a dummy to sooth and calm down whilst you try and burp?

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