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Desperate to BF following reduction

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DarkNStormy · 20/10/2017 19:02

I am 30 weeks pregnant with DC2 and am incredibly anxious as to whether I will manage to BF. I think I’m really looking for advice, anything I can be doing now which might make it more successful and maybe any success stories of women who have been in a similar situation to myself.

I had breast reduction surgery a year ago, going from a 28K to a 30D. I always knew when having the surgery there would be a risk I wouldn’t be able to BF, however having constant back pain and struggling to run about after DS meant I felt having the op was more important than having the ability to feed any future children.

I chose a surgeon who was very sensitive to the fact that I was keen to BF any children, he kept my nipples attached, but did remove an awful lot of tissue (as I had requested).

Just to add I did BF DS. I remember having small drops of colostrum leaking at about 30 weeks last time, and feeling quite heavy and engorged. This time, although I’ve got slightly bigger, I am not tender and no colustrum yet.

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EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic · 21/10/2017 14:45

It’s perfectly normal not to leak or feel engorged at this stage and you still have lots of breast tissue, mine only went up to a c cup when I was feeding.

Could you call one of the Bfing Support Helplines and talk through your concerns?

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