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Best Milk Intolerance Formulas

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Samantha003 · 08/10/2017 11:24

Hey! Can anyone advise the best formulas for milk intolerance. My son had been prescribed Similac Alimentum which has worked very well after a few rough weeks thinking he had reflux. Only problem is, it absolutely stinks. Are they all bad smelling or are there ones without the stench Confused ???

OP posts:
EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic · 09/10/2017 18:23

From what I’ve read on the allergy board, on here and on the CMPA forums I think they all pretty much stink but somebody else might know differently Smile

bulldogmum · 09/10/2017 18:26

We tried Nutramigen and it didn’t work for us. Our DD was then put on Neocate. It does taste gross and in the tin smells a bit as most of these do. But it didn’t really smell made up and DD drank it until she was 7 months without complaining so maybe she didn’t think it tasted gross!

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