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Frozen breastmilk and possible faulty freezer

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Lucinda15 · 25/09/2017 20:25

I have posted before about a few issues I have had with breastfeeding. Unfortunately had to stop, due to missed tongue tie diagnosed too late for me to return. I have been really heartbroken about this but coming to terms with it. Cut a long story short, I have a small supply of colostrum and breastmilk in freezer which I have been giving my 16wo baby. Not much left but every bit of precious and was a huge comfort to be able to give to her.

However, over the last few days we have noticed our freezer is not performing so well. We have heard a dripping sound and noticed a few icicles hanging from the shelves which makes me think ice is slowly melting. However - everything feels frozen solid still, including the colostrum and breastmilk. The display also still reads -20c. we are arranging for a repair man to come check it out, but I was thinking I should use up the breastmilk and colostrum. DH disagrees and says can't take the risk incase not been kept cold enough. This would be such a shame, every drop is precious but I am sort of agreeing with him in that it could be too much of a risk.

But if everything is still frozen solid, can it even have reached an unsafe temp to have thawed??

Any ideas?

OP posts:
QueenAmongstMen · 27/09/2017 10:55

If you are concerned could you just take it all out and defrost it and just give it to your baby over the next five days?

I once had about 200 oz of frozen milk in my freezer and I came down one morning to find the freezer had defrosted!!! I could have cried!!!

ICJump · 28/09/2017 06:53

Breastmilk can be fridge cold for about 8 days. So if it's in a freezer and not defrosting then even if it's not still at -20c you'd still be ok.

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