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End of my tether

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fieryme · 24/09/2017 22:14

My 6 month old is screaming and refusing her bottle after 2 oz. it's a battle to get anything down her and has been for the past few days. She's quite content and settled between feeds but all hell breaks loose when it's time for her bottle.
She was like this a few weeks ago too and ended up at the hospital, they couldn't identify what was wrong but were not happy with the way she was behaving during feedtime and said if she didn't improve over 24 hours they'd feed her through a drip.
She gradually did improve but it was so stressful and I was literally crying each time I had to feed her.
Any thoughts on what this could be?

OP posts:
1stTimeRounder · 24/09/2017 23:57

Presume hospital ruled out reflux ?

Have you started her on solids yet? Might be worth seeing if she'll take solids so at least she's not starving?

No ideas otherwise I'm afraid x

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