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7 week old - feeding 10 x daily

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TreacleBaker · 20/09/2017 15:10

My 7 week old baby girl seems to prefer little and often feeding. She's fed on Hipp Organic Formula, and varies from 1.5 oz, 2oz maybe 3.5oz each feed and will do this every 2 hours. HV says she's consuming the correct amounts for her age and weight. Just wondering if there's anything I should be doing or if this is normal? On advice from the HV we have recently changed to bigger teats which has helped her become less restless and she now sleeps on her back!

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tiktok · 20/09/2017 15:46

This is normal. Nothing you need to do to change it - there's not a problem, so nothing to fix. She's likely to space her feeds out as she gets older :)

ItsNiceItsDifferentItsUnusual · 20/09/2017 15:55

Ds2 is 15 weeks and fed every 2 hours until around 9 weeks I think, possibly later. It felt like it would never end, but it did!

Prusik · 20/09/2017 15:58

It's never ending! My ds is 8 months and I still wash about 7 bottles a day!!! He's a little and often feeder, despite solids and despite trying to increase his intake in one sitting - he's just not having it!

dannydyerismydad · 20/09/2017 16:00

It sounds like you are feeding responsively, which is exactly the right thing to do. Well done!

If she's gaining well and filling nappies then she's happy too.

I find it hard to go 3 or 4 hours without a snack or a drink. I'm mystified why so many health professionals think babies should go that long between feeds.

TreacleBaker · 20/09/2017 16:16

Thanks everyone, I too snack or eat 2hourly to maintain steady glucose levels as a type 2 diabetic. So yes, I guess expecting a baby to go long periods is unrealistic xx

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