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Can anyone help find the cause of this breast pain?

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Pitapotamus · 15/09/2017 00:02

I have a 2 month old baby and I have pain in both breasts all the time. They are sensitive to touch to the extent that I can't hug my other children because it hurts too much. Occasionally the pain shoots, but there is a constant tenderness all the time. The closer I get to needing to feed the worse the pain gets and immediately after I've fed the pain is almost gone. It feels like engorged breast pain but I'm feeding 3 hourly and the pain is bad within an hour of each feed so before any engorgement.

I've been treated twice for mastitis as the GP just assumed that must be what it was but nothing has changed. The GP has now prescribed thrush medication which I've been taking for 2 days but haven't seen a difference.

What else could be causing this? I would be grateful for any thoughts / advice.

OP posts:
Waddlelikeapenguin · 15/09/2017 00:06

If it's thrush baby needs to be treated too (oral gel I think) as otherwise you will keep getting it back.
Have you spoken to any of the BF helplines? LLL in particu2are good at this stuff.
Hope it gets sorted quickly Flowers

(Def not PG? I assume not if baby is only 2 months but bf was hellish & boobs painful as soon as I was pregnant.)

Pitapotamus · 15/09/2017 11:57

Yes, the baby is being treated as well! Definitely not pregnant. I've spoken to an LLL helpline person and she suggested it could be thrush or mammary constriction syndrome or something that sounded like that. Not sure what I could do about the later though.

OP posts:
Waddlelikeapenguin · 15/09/2017 22:47

Sounds very frustrating Flowers
Hoping the thrush treatment works & bumping for you Smile

BamburyFuriou3 · 15/09/2017 22:52

Are you pumping? Could it be oversupply and engorgement? I fed mine (on vocal demand!) at least every 2 hours and sometimes frequently hourly. A 3 hour break would have me very tender with engorgement, but probably because mine fed more frequently (day and night the little sods Grin)

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