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Charlie240787 · 08/09/2017 17:55

Hi all,

I am looking for some advice if at all possible, my daughter is 2.5 years old and from about 18 months she has become fussier and fussier with her eating, I have been numerous time to speak wth health visitors and they all say it's a phase but it's been a year.

I did baby led weaning and she ate everything for the first year of eating but gradually she has cut everything out and now survives on toast and weetabix, she won't eat anything else at all, occasionally she'll eat some chips but if I make them at home, she won't, only freezer chips. She will eat all types of "rubbish" food...chocolate, crisps, biscuits but no meat at all for a year and nothing remotely healthy, she will drink smoothies so I make them with vegetable and fruit in and give her vitamins as well but I need to get her out of this rut and I can't see how to start.

I make her dinner and lunch every day and we sit down to eat and she just says no and leaves it, she sometimes goes a whole day only eaten one weetabix, she has a two hour nap in the day and sleeps from 7pm-7.30am every night so doesn't affect her sleeping, she is advanced with her speaking, can count to twenty, knows the alphabet and all colours so it isn't affecting her learning but I'm sure it will have an impact if she carries on this way.

I should also mention my health vision said a dietician wouldn't help me as she eats some things and she also puts on weight...very slowly, think she has put on about 2lbs since Christmas! She isn't any less fussy if she's with other children eating or with grandparents etc.

Does anyone have any similar stories or advice?! I need some words of wisdom to help me see I can turn this around.

Thank you!

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Rudedog · 08/09/2017 18:34

Does she still have plenty of dairy?

I tried everything with DD who went from eating everything to very little - nothing worked.

I think the smoothies are good.
Would she have home made soup blended? She obviously doesn't mind that texture

I think at this age if you can hide it and they eat it - that's fine.

DD is now 9 and eats really well. It's improved a lot in the last year especially.
I think you can just keep offering. I don't think all toddlers cave to peer pressure, but age might help with that.
Have you tried offering tiny meals so less pressure to eat much?

Charlie240787 · 08/09/2017 19:45

She still has a bottle of toddler formula in the evening and morning and she would eat yoghurts all day long so she gets some dairy, I try and sneak some cheese into a jacket potato but she usually refuses that anyway.

I have tried soup as thought it may be a t crude thing but she just says "no thank you". I'm hoping that like you said it will just get better with time. It's such a worry when they won't eat, I never thought I would have a fussy child, especially as for the first year she was brilliant. Hoping my second daughter won't follow her footsteps.

Thank you for your reply x

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Charlie240787 · 08/09/2017 19:46

Oh sorry, also meant to say I've tried little meals and things like DIY wraps and crackers etc but she isn't interested. X

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Rudedog · 08/09/2017 21:00

I don't have personal experience but everyone I know with one fussy child has another that eats everything!

Monkeybrains2017 · 24/09/2017 19:30

Our little one age 3 is a bit fussy but loves a Ella's kitchen toddler meal or similar. I find these are invaluable as reduced my stress levels (1 minute in microwave) and he will wolf it down. I also know it's organic and full of veg. Think it reduces the stress of cooking something he won't eat! He only has them every so often- but it's a stress free meal!

DuggeeHugs · 24/09/2017 22:13

No advice in afraid, but I think DS is doing the same thing. He's just turned two and has gone from being the BLW child who loved almost all food to the child who barely eats. Usually some breakfast and maybe something for lunch or dinner.

The HV says he's just too focused on playing and learning so 'forgets' to eat. It's worrying and frustrating Sad

LapinR0se · 01/10/2017 07:37

Have you tried swapping the formula for normal milk?

Charlie240787 · 01/10/2017 07:59

yeah I have given her cows milk as well, doesn't make a difference, annoyingly!

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