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Previous breast surgery struggling to breastfeed

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CPParenttoDD1234 · 07/09/2017 21:45

Hi Everyone
Long time lurker this is my first ever post. Please be gentle.

So I have a 14 week old LO who has dropped from the 75th - 9th centile. She's breast and bottle fed to top up. She's had a rough start with a tongue tie so wasn't getting the foremilk for first 6 weeks but as a consequence my milk hasn't never fully come in

I have loads of milk in the morning and can easily express 2-3oz but during the day I struggle. I'm on fenugreek and have ordered a hospital pump. I'm feeding 7times per day 2 bottles of formula and she's taking both.

Has anyone experience of breast feeding post breast enhancements and has anyone just not had the milk supply and ultimately stopped feeding

I'm desperate to breastfeed as I clearly can have the supply as I do in the morning but don't know how to increase during the day. Any ideas?

(Taken fenugreek for 5days increasing the amount today to 9tablets)

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SecretFreebirther · 07/09/2017 21:55

If the plumbing works I think it's just a case of upping your supply. Feed baby directly as much a possible. Are you drinking enough? Oats are good for milk production too.

CPParenttoDD1234 · 08/09/2017 03:18

Thank you for the reply. Yes I'm drinking 3litres per day. Not having any oats so will try to add them in to the diet and will feed and pump more. Justvhard during the day as she can really fuss on the boob as milk can take 5minites to come in!

OP posts:
newbian · 08/09/2017 03:50

It's normal to have higher supply overnight and in the morning. I expressed at work for 10 months and the first one of the day was always the most productive.

I found that generally eating more was a big boost to supply, didn't have to be oats. Add in a few substantial snacks or increase intake at meals.

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