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HELP! On holiday and baby will not take bottle

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HLBug · 07/09/2017 16:42

We're in Portugal and I'm sitting here in tears. DD (4 months) will take 1 or 2 sips of her bottle - which is made with fucking boiled Evian water no less!!!! - then starts crying and pushes away. I've tried swapping bottle and dummy etc etc but no luck. Any ideas??? DH is already saying we should never have come away and I just need some help...

OP posts:
eurochick · 07/09/2017 16:46

Try a different brand?

Boil tap water? The mineral water might taste funny and I don't think it's recommended for babies anyway.

tobeornottobe1 · 07/09/2017 16:48

How was she feeding before?

NapQueen · 07/09/2017 16:50

If its too hot maybe she would just like some water?

Do any shops near you sell thre oremade cartons?

HLBug · 07/09/2017 16:55

She's on Neocate so no ready made available. Tap water (even boiled) not recommended in Portugal I don't think? Evian and one other local brand all I have access to.

OP posts:
TittyGolightly · 07/09/2017 16:55

I didn't think mineral water was supposed to be used for babies.

SingingSeuss · 07/09/2017 16:56

Is she usually bottle fed? (Is she refusing because she hasn't had a bottle before). If not maybe it's the heat?

Blahblahboo · 07/09/2017 16:58

I do have to agree with your husband. Babies and holidays don't mix because they can't control their temperature. however they might if the person breastfeeds because the milk is always just right for them taste and temperature wise, but even then the chance is small. So maybe go back to just breastfeeding if you are doing both

Avebury · 07/09/2017 17:00

Watch for signs of dehydration - can you syringe some milk into the baby?

Fitzsimmons · 07/09/2017 17:02

Could she be teething? Mine would always behave the same when her front teeth came through, it was too painful for the bottle. Try some calpol and see if that helps?

dementedpixie · 07/09/2017 17:03

It's advised to use low sodium bottled water for making up formula abroad so OP is doing nothing wrong. Will she take a little plain boiled bottled water so at least she is getting some fluids

skyzumarubble · 07/09/2017 17:03

Is it Evian that's meant for babies? The regular Evian is too mineraly and shouldn't be used.

Wet nappies?

Fitzsimmons · 07/09/2017 17:08

Oh and the French use Evian for baby formula as it is one of the lowest for sodium content.

dementedpixie · 07/09/2017 17:08

I think normal Evian is fine. Here are the guidelines for choosing suitable water:

How can I manage bottle feeding while we are on holiday?

If you'retravelling abroad with your baby, you can continue to give your baby her usual formula milk. However, it may be best to use bottled water instead of tap water tomake up a feed. This is because the tap water in other countries may not always be as clean as the water here in the UK. Tap water abroad may also have different levels of minerals and purifying chemicals, which could give your baby a tummy upset.

When buying bottled water, check the mineral content of the water. Steer clear of bottled water with a high mineral content, and try to use still water that’s low in sodium. Look for Na on the label, which means sodium, and choose one that contains 200mg or less of Na per litre. Check the levels of sulphate (SO or SO4), too. The sulphate levels should be no higher than 250mg per litre.

Some bottled waters are labelled as suitable for baby feeding, so go for these if you can. Make sure the seal around the cap is intact. This way you can be sure that the water has not been tampered with.

HLBug · 07/09/2017 17:11

Bottled water is what NHS recommends when you can't count on tap water. Attached is NHS guidelines re mineral / sodium content and another photo showing that Evian is well within the range. She has never been breastfeed.

HELP! On holiday and baby will not take bottle
HELP! On holiday and baby will not take bottle
OP posts:
blueskyinmarch · 07/09/2017 17:13

Are you only just there? I would imagine she is just out of sorts. If you are stressed you will be communicating that to her. Can you maybe just stay quietly in your room or villa and keep it cool and slightly dark and calm? Give her lots of cuddles. I reckon she will drink her milk eventually once she is more relaxed and you and your DH are calm. Offer boiled water as well as milk. Hopefully she will settle down to feeding soon

HLBug · 07/09/2017 18:41

She had her last UK water feed at 12pm. Has had two ounces very grudgingly since then. I've sleep deprived and reaaally not coping.

OP posts:
Fitzsimmons · 07/09/2017 19:35

You must be very worried. How are her nappies?

HLBug · 07/09/2017 20:15

Still wet, thankfully. We've been inside / in the shade most of the day so she's been kept relatively cool.

Success for tonight though in that I've just managed to get another 5oz into her as a semi-dream feed. So that's something. She's ridiculously overtired having been rudely awoken at 3.45am to go to the airport and start the day, so I'm hoping a 'good' sleep tonight may help.

I've sent DH to the shop to buy wine different bottled water (still within NHS guideline amounts) to see if that makes any difference at all.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow... Thanks for the hand hold everyone.

OP posts:
Mustbeinsane1984 · 07/09/2017 21:44

Any type of thoroughly boiled water should be fine. Don't stress as baby will stress. I live in a very warm country and babies cope better than adults. Prob just out of sorts with a change in routineand flight. Baby might have had ear pressure from flight too. Try get back to your normal routine and try dream feed or be ready for feed when baby wakes. Have a wine and try to relax have nice holiday. Smile

blueskyinmarch · 07/09/2017 22:06

I am glad she has had some milk. She will be fine and hopefully you can enjoy your holiday.

GotToGetMyFingerOut · 07/09/2017 22:57

You haven't been cold water sterilising since getting there with Milton have you? My son started refusing bottles and I worked out it was because I'd started using Milton which he could taste and didn't like

HLBug · 08/09/2017 08:48

She took her morning bottle Smile

OP posts:
legogeek · 08/09/2017 09:43

Oh yay! Hope you're getting on ok, I'm sure she'll settle down and adjust.

Dawnedlightly · 08/09/2017 09:46

Great news.

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