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lorza03 · 05/09/2017 11:00

Hey guys just looking for some advise my baby is now 8 weeks old I'm exclusively breastfeeding. The last week or so I keep getting a massive tingling feeling when my baby starts to feed is this normal ? And then after a few mins of feedingh he pulls away as my milks coming to fast. I have tried expressing but it really doesn't make a huge difference. He also falls to asleep after about 5 minutes at the breast, I've tried changing his nappy so he will feed again but it doesn't work. He is generally a very laid back baby and doesnt really cry.I get frustrated! When he isint feeling for long as he then wants milk very frequently thought by now he may have stayed awake for feeds a bit more, just looking for some reassurance and other peoples experiences With this.

OP posts:
motherinferior · 05/09/2017 11:14

Yes, that's the let-down you're feeling. Don't worry - it can come out with such a whoosh the poor baby pulls away! But it's totally normal. Don't worry!

arbrighton · 05/09/2017 12:28

Also normal to feed often

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