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Reduced feeding 7 week old

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Theresa1988 · 29/08/2017 07:44

Hoping someone can help or relate.
My babh was born 7 weeks ago via forceps delivery after quite along birth. I breast fed for 5 days then changed to bottle.
Initally she fed really well and was manging 90ml-120ml first few weeks.
Then started with silent reflux symptoms so saw gp and got anti reflux meds. For last 3-4 weeks her feeding has reduced to 60-90 and health visitor keeps saying this isnt wnough for her. She weighed 8.3lbs at birth and last week was 9.12lbs (although had big hard poo after).

Gp wasnt too concerned about her intake and just said to monitor it and go back today with diary of feeds and weight.

She doesnt seem to wake for feeds so i just offer it her 3 hourly but now anything more than 60mls is hard work she will either fall asleep, scream or just refuse and not suck at all.


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Mixedupmummy · 29/08/2017 08:03

What's baby taking over day? How many feeds and how many mps? I think if your go isn't too concerned you shouldn't be.

Mixedupmummy · 29/08/2017 08:03


Theresa1988 · 29/08/2017 08:39

Managing to get 500-600 in at a push and feeding every 3 hours x

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gamerpigeon · 29/08/2017 08:51

If you are bottle feeding, have you tried changing the teat size? My baby did this at exactly this age - feeding fine then suddenly stopped taking as much. It turned out she was tiring herself out sucking through the newborn teat and once we went up to the medium size she was fine.

Theresa1988 · 29/08/2017 09:02

Yeah gone to vari flow and no different x

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Mixedupmummy · 29/08/2017 13:24

I'd agree with try a different teat. My baby didn't like the vary flow. Or even a different brand.

According to this your baby is just within normal ranges.

If you're feeding 60 mls every 3 hours that must 10 ish feeds in 24hrs which is quite a lot. If I remember rightly 5-6 feeds in 24hrs is average af that age. If you could stretch to 4 hours would baby take more?

Or if it's reflux would a different formula help?

All just suggestions/thoughts. Hope you got on ok at the doctors and baby's feeding settles down soon. Its a difficult time even when everything goes well. You're doing a great job. Flowers

Theresa1988 · 29/08/2017 16:40

Thankyou for reply. Even if i leave her 4 hours she doesnt take more but gp happy today as she has gained weight but agreed does need to make sure she drinking abit more to make sure shes not dehydrated. I leave her 5 hours for one feed overnight x

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