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thesleepsheep · 25/08/2017 11:36

DD is 5 weeks. After every feed she's always so unsettled, screaming and wriggling like she's in pain. We have dr browns bottles, she's on cow & gate first formula. Tried infacol, colief and gripe water. Tried keeping her upright. Tried extra burps. Nothing is working, were at wits end and she's obviously so tired but can't sleep. Please help!

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thesleepsheep · 25/08/2017 11:42

Oh and she struggles to poop. It's never solid but she's pushing and struggling for so long before it comes.

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thesleepsheep · 25/08/2017 12:11

Any advice appreciated Sad

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dippypanda · 25/08/2017 16:54

Hi, sorry your going through this, my first thought was maybe the brand of milk isn't agreeing with her? My dd struggled on aptimal and had similar issues like you've mentioned, I tried the infacol, gripe water etc so I switched to hipp organic and she settled much better. Failing that I would speak to health visitor or gp Flowers

dippypanda · 25/08/2017 16:55

You're not your!

thesleepsheep · 25/08/2017 17:02

Thanks! I'll give it ago. Willing to try anything at this stage. Trying to wait it out til her 6 week check before mentioning but so hard to see her unhappy!

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dippypanda · 25/08/2017 19:53

I know it's really hard, I remember for about a period of two weeks, similar age where she wouldn't settle and cried constantly, she was writhing in pain. It was hard and upsetting, I kept thinking it was me doing something wrong. But she was like a different child after swapping her milk. With the aptimal her poo was green and like your baby struggled a bit but on hipp it was back to being like bf poop!

thesleepsheep · 25/08/2017 20:01

Finally found some, Tesco boots and mother are didn't have any. Praise the lord for Sainsbury's (and the fact these shops are all close together) had 4oz and fell asleep around 630 and slept peacefully til now! When usually evenings are the worst. So fingers crossed, but don't dare get my hopes up!! Grin

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dippypanda · 25/08/2017 21:09

Fingers crossed it helps! I think I still used infacol with it occasionally but overall it was good. I agree it can be a bit awkward to get, Sainsbury's and the large Asda's are usually the best places. I've already stocked up for DS for after he's born (hopefully in 3-4 weeks!!) Grin

thesleepsheep · 25/08/2017 21:52

Yeah I'll stick with the infacol, anything that helps! Ahhh congratulations!! These weeks are the slowest. Sleep while you can! I forgot what it was like having a tiny newborn! So worth every second though Smile

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dippypanda · 26/08/2017 08:47

Thank you! Yes I'll have to remember to sleep, my nesting instinct well and truly kicked in yesterday and I've overdone it, can't walk much today! Confused

How did your DD settle last night?

thesleepsheep · 26/08/2017 09:01

Have a lazy day! Not too bad. 10pm feed she settled, 2am feed she settled. But then 6am she didn't settle until about half an hour ago! So better than it's been but still a bit grumpy!

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