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Liquid Refusing 9mo...

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Caenea · 17/08/2017 20:59

Evening all. The last few days, I've really been struggling to get liquids into my 9mo DD but today has taken the bloody biscuit.

She literally refused liquids from 6am until 3pm. At that point I managed to force some very very milky porridge down her and that got at least something into her. She pushed my breast away, screaming her head off and she's never taken a bottle. She will scream and cry, turn her head, refuse to suck if you do manage to get the teat into her mouth.

I've tried talking to my HV about this, who has been useless. She has told me just to keep offering a bottle or a free-flowing cup, and my DD will not take it. Her only liquids come from breastmilk.

I have offered her all manner of liquids - water (warm and cold), the baby juices, milk (warm and cold) and she won't take it. BUT because she's on three meals a day now, she doesn't want breastmilk much either.

I'm terrified. She will end up dehydrating. I have no idea what to do. I want to wean her off the breast, but I can't if she won't take a bottle of anything at all. It's all well and good saying "Oh she'd drink eventually!" but it is August, it is hot, and I cannot have another day like today because she won't drink.

Has anyone else had this? How have you got them used to a bottle?

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