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Baby doesn't like right breast

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user1479669774 · 13/08/2017 18:00


My baby doesn't seem to get on with my right breast but will latch after quite a bit of faffing around. He's 3weeks at the moment.

I am going to begin combination feeding with expressed bottled milk at 6weeks. I will be buying a breast pump.

Would it be feasible for me to feed LO on my left breast and pump on my right breast? It would be handy if I could start from now and freeze the milk I pump.

I probably would bf on both in the night for supply but pump on the right in the day. When he reaches 6 weeks I would then move to pump off both.

Would I be able to do this?

Thank you

OP posts:
mintbiscuit · 13/08/2017 18:09

No reason why you couldn't.

Totally normal that babies often have a preference. One reason is that the let down speed may be optimal for them. I noticed when I had first dc that I had quicker let down on one breast which all of mine has preferred. As a consequence volume was also more on preferred breast.

Tidypidy · 13/08/2017 18:11

My boobs are different shapes so the nipple is more accessible on the left. My 3 dc all preferred it to the right one! I found different positions helped. If you pump whilst feeding you should get more milk as baby will be stimulating the flow.

mintbiscuit · 13/08/2017 18:14

Oh and one last point. You can try breast compressions when baby is feeding on less preferred breast to increase flow if you think it might be down to slower flow. Helped keep mine on that breast for longer.

moreismore · 13/08/2017 18:22

Another thing to check-is your baby happier turning head to one side than the other? Do you always place LO the same way round in the cot (as will naturally turn towards you/sound/light? ) A paediatric Chiro could address muscle tension if this is a cause.

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