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Roughly how long between feeds should an ebf 8 week old be going?

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Chelle2289 · 12/08/2017 20:52

My lg is almost 8 weeks and is exclusively breastfed and the length between feeds varies from every 1-2 hours to 3-4 hours. Usually she goes about 3-4 hours between feeds but past week she seems to be sleeping longer between her feeds and going over 4 hours. For example I last fed her about 4 and a half hours ago and she's happily sleeping. Stiring every so often but dropping straight back to sleep.

Should I be leaving her or waking her up to feed?

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Isadora2007 · 12/08/2017 20:54

I've never woken a baby to feed but then mine didn't go more than 4 hours. If her nappies are wet and she is happy and weight gaining then I'd let her find her own pattern...

mayhew · 12/08/2017 21:03

If her weight gain is normal, let her regulate her own feeds.
Only wake her if
: you need to go out shortly
: your boobs are ready to explode!

oatybiscuits · 12/08/2017 21:09

Sounds good to me Smile if nappies, weight gain and baby are all good then I wouldn't worry; just be prepared that you'll probably go through growth spurts etc where she'll feed more often

Chelle2289 · 12/08/2017 21:14

Thank you for the reassurance. Shes happy in herself, and gaining weight. Was 8lb 3oz at birth, last weighed a week or two ago a day is 10lb. She doesn't always go longer than 4 hours but she's had a busy day today bless her. Currently in process of moving into our new house and got keys yesterday so been here there and everywhere with her x

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