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Fussy eating nightmare - how to tackle?

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user1489951453 · 03/08/2017 18:58

Hi all,

My daughter is 2 years 3months and has turned into a complete pain at mealtimes. We cook her fresh meals and yet anything which is new as soon as it's put in front of her she throws her head back and screams, followed by a tantrum of the floor usually until snot is flowing and she is shaking with tears.

There are about 2-3 meals we can cook for her without this happening but I'm torn. Do we cook the food, she throws a tantrum, I say fine it's there is you want it for the next 20 minutes otherwise you get nothing. Hopefully she will get hungry enough to eat it or do we start doing alternatives as she is screaming she is hungry.

Any ideas appreciated!

OP posts:
user1489951453 · 03/08/2017 18:59

Oh and the worst thing is she isn't even consistent over which of the limited meals she will eat. 1 week she is OK with spaghetti bolognaise next week, no thanks on the floor

OP posts:
MoHunter · 03/08/2017 19:56

I would not cook her alternative meals if she refuses what's on offer, but try to include one item on the plate that you know she will eat? For example have some bread and butter on the side or whatever she likes. That way she will not go completely hungry.

Totally sympathise btw, our DS1 got really fussy around the same age, now he's almost 3 and things are a LOT better! There's still things he won't eat but the worst is over. It's just a phase but what an annoying one.

It's best not to make too much fuss about it (I hear!) so try not to make a big deal about it and just keep offering different new foods in addition to some meals that you are fairly sure she will eat over the course of a week.

Children will not starve in front of a plate full of food and they can skip a meal without any harm, even if it's upsetting to you try not to rush into giving her other foods than what you have prepared for her meal.

Also eating with other children has helped mine (at nursery), he would eat things there he didn't eat at home!

Good luck!

TittyGolightly · 03/08/2017 19:57

Read "my child won't eat".

It won't make your child eat but it will adjust your approach and expectations.

Mrscropley · 03/08/2017 19:58

Do you let her help with preparing and making the meals?
Ds loves helping and never have mealtime battles.

user1489951453 · 04/08/2017 15:32

Thanks for the replies, she not really at the helping us prepare food stage, not to mention we live in a pretty small 1st floor flat and have generally kept her out of the kitchen for safety.

Is "my child won't eat" a book or a thread on here?



OP posts:
TittyGolightly · 04/08/2017 17:52

A book.

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