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Disaster after tongue tie procedure?!

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hellowembley · 25/07/2017 20:22

My daughter is one week old. Breastfeeding hasn't been going ideally as I had very intense pain for the first minute of each feed and cracked, bleeding nipples but not going horribly either as the pain wasn't unbearable after a minute and she was getting milk- lots of wet nappies etc.
I suspected the pain wasn't caused by poor latch as I fed my older child for 6 months & midwife etc said my technique was fine. So instead went to see a tongue tie practitioner this afternoon. She diagnosed borderline case,25-50% posterior tongue tie & advised snipping. As my older child also had one snipped at 4 days old with no adverse affects I felt ok to go ahead with it.
The baby seemed really distressed after the snip and for the rest of today has been completely unable to latch. Mouth just really loose around my nipple, and she's getting really upset at the breast as she can't latch as she has been doing the past 7 days.
I feel terrible- like I've now caused a worse problem for her and have jeopardised our ability to breastfeed. Please can someone assure me she will be able to latch again?

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LivininaBox · 25/07/2017 20:36

Hello, when my DS had this done they got him to feed straight away after the procedure, which he did with no problem. They warned me that he would probably get worse because it would get sore, but it would then improve.

Did your DD feed straight after? If she isn't feeding at all I think you should get medical advice, as that is very young and you don't want her dehydrated.

hellowembley · 25/07/2017 20:38

Thanks for replying. No she wouldn't feed straight but I have been able to get her to feed off one side this afternoon. I think it was successful although I thought the latch felt loose. But on attempts since she has not been able to latch. I won't let her get dehydrated- plan to express and give bottles throughout the night

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MoHunter · 26/07/2017 19:34

How are you getting on now OP? When my DS1 had his TT snipped he did feed straightaway, but we had latching problems for the next week or so - I think they kind of have to re-learn how to latch as their mouth/tongue feels different afterwards, plus there's the initial soreness.
Hope it's getting better for you now.

hellowembley · 26/07/2017 20:11

Thanks Mohunter , that's helpful. She has managed 2 successful breastfeeds today so I feel things are going in the right direction at least. Think I was a bit shocked yesterday as I was expecting the situation to improve or stay the same rather than plummet! Good to know your son managed to get back to it. Do you have any tips?

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ClaireFraser · 26/07/2017 20:22

After my Dd had her posterior tongue tie snipped I was advised to feed her leaning back whenever possible for the first few days until she got the hang of feeding with a different tongue movement.

So either laid back in bed with baby on top of me, or reclined on the sofa. Means they are able to get the breast deeper into mouth and easier for them to get into right position. I think it's called biological nurturing/ feeding, but can't remember for def. I shall go and have a google and see if I can find you a link. Will be back!

Helped a lot for us anyway. Best of luck and hang on in there, worth it in the end! Smile

ClaireFraser · 26/07/2017 20:24

Here we are, LLL link, useful starting place and clearly explained.


Hope it's useful

MoHunter · 26/07/2017 20:45

I sometimes found the "rugby ball" position easier for latching on - definitely try different ways! Also if you still have soreness then Lansinoh is good.
Good on you for having the TT sorted so early on, my DS2's wasn't diagnosed and snipped until he was 3 weeks old and it affected my milk supply, so his weight gain was bad. I imagine your babe has a good chance of getting the hang of it much faster since it's still early days. Smile

hellowembley · 26/07/2017 21:02

Thank you both! Will experiment with the different positions. What a faff! Can't wait til it's sorted

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