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Two kinds of teets too difficult to master for newborn baby?

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kikibo · 04/07/2017 11:30

Sorry for the probably naïve question, but I'm still pregant with our first and I don't have anyone to ask. I don't want to breasfeed, so that shouldn't be an issue to consider.

I want to buy an AVENT steriliser for in the microwave, but that comes with 'classic' bottles rather than the natural teet ones. So can I buy the natural teet ones in a set on the side or should I stay with the classic ones? I mean, baby won't know any better, but would two different teets confuse her? On the up, we could see what she prefers from these two different ones...

Anyone info on this?

OP posts:
Dragonfree · 04/07/2017 14:52

Some babies can be really fussy about the teats, others don't seem too worried. I know friends who bought every type under the sun before finding the only one their LO would use. Others have LOs who don't seem to care how their milk is being delivered....

I would start off with one type for a few weeks to allow her to get used to it, then try a different one if it's convenient for you for her to use multiple types.

If you're not considering breastfeeding (though I would recommend giving it a go with no pressure / expectations, you may find it easy) then the type of teat does not really matter. Provided whatever bottles you buy can go in your steriliser, you should be fine.

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