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Using breast milk as follow on milk

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Seagroatt · 08/06/2017 23:00

A little confused with this, I have a lot of breast milk so can I start freezing it to use in stead of formula When the little mans going on solids? The midwife tells my it last for 6 months is that right?
Thanks Smile

OP posts:
BWatchWatcher · 08/06/2017 23:01

Follow on milk is a modern fabrication. Just carry on with breastmilk.

Intransige · 08/06/2017 23:03

You can just keep breastfeeding if you want to. I breastfed DD1 until she was 10 months.

But yes, you can also freeze it for up to six months.

WellErrr · 08/06/2017 23:04

Follow on milk is a marketing ploy for formula companies to get around advertising laws.
Breastmilk is the best think for your baby to have, there's no need to stop at 6 months - it's magic stuff, changes according to your baby's needs as they get older.

arbrighton · 09/06/2017 08:46

When you start weaning, most of your baby's calories still come from milk, just keep breastfeeding.

Follow on milk is a very recent invention, as PP have said, since they're allowed to advertise that, but can't advertise 'infant formula'. It's basically the same thing

teaandbiscuitsforme · 09/06/2017 13:38

You don't ever have to introduce formula if you don't want to - you can BF to 12 months (or beyond) and then introduce cows milk if you want to.

dementedpixie · 09/06/2017 13:44

And from 6 months you can use cows milk in cereal and cooking if you don't want you use expressed milk for that

Orangebird69 · 09/06/2017 13:46

I use cows milk in cooking but am still bfing also at 20mo. Ds won't drink any other milk. 😣

FusionChefGeoff · 09/06/2017 13:53

Definitely keep breastfeeding if you want to! Absolutely no need to move onto formula.

reallyanotherone · 09/06/2017 13:59

There is no such thing as "follow on milk".

It's a name given to formula milk by companies as pp said, to get around advertising laws.

Entirely your choice to use breast or formula milk. But if you want to continue bf there is no additional benefit to formula or follow on milk. It's just milk.

PastysPrincess · 09/06/2017 14:03

Follow on milk was created to get around the fact there is a law that formula companies cannot advertise their products as a replacement for breastfeeding. Even people formula feeding their babies don't need to switch to it.

MoominFlaps · 09/06/2017 14:06

Eh? You don't need to introduce formula. You're fine to continue breastfeeding after 6 months.

Even if you do introduce formula, it's fine to feed a 6month plus baby on the regular first milk. My son never had follow on milk - it's a marketing gimmick.

IWillCrushYouLikeABug · 09/06/2017 14:10

Why would you give old bm instead of just bf?

Seagroatt · 09/06/2017 15:01

Right got it thanks guys!
I thought maybe the expressed bm would give me a break and my partner can do feeds over the weekend if I was to go out etc. My sisters baby started to bite the nipple so I was a little concerned about that also after the 6 months. Didn't think it would be classed as old if it's been frozen, I've got some frozen from 2 days after bm come in and baby is 9weeks.

OP posts:
IWillCrushYouLikeABug · 09/06/2017 15:42

Well old as in not fresh, it's obviously not harmful. Though it may taste slightly freezer burned Grin It was your comment about follow on milk that confused people. Follow on milk is purely what formula companies try and con people who are formula feeding to use instead of cows milk after the initial year of of obligatory formula is up.

If you want to stop bf for a break, or just supplement the feeds, use up all the frozen bm and then switch to cows milk but follow up is never necessary.

As said by pp the baby will start feeding less as they take on more solids too

rainbowpie · 09/06/2017 15:47

Remember that the compisition of your milk right now is perfect for your baby right now. It will change as your baby gets older. I wouldn't give a 6mo baby milk that I'd expressed at 9weeks tbh. Just pump some nearer the time.

IWillCrushYouLikeABug · 09/06/2017 15:50

The composition does change but it doesn't make it unhealthy. That's why they prefer sick babies get donor milk from unrelated strangers making milk for an unrelated baby to formula

ScarlettFreestone · 09/06/2017 15:52

I just kept breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding after 6 months isn't at all like it is in the early days (IME). much quicker and less tiring.

Redsippycup · 09/06/2017 15:55

It is ok to use fomula and combination feed too if you don't have an objection to using formula (obviously that is entirely up to you!) and you want / need a break and don't have any stored bm. The only issue is that if you do it a lot your bm supply might reduce.

Seagroatt · 09/06/2017 16:41

Oh I though it was the same follow on and formula! Sorry for the confusion :)
Great information! I didn't know you could formula feed and bf together! I will pump closer to the time totally makes sense!

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 09/06/2017 16:45

Just to clear up:
First infant milk - birth to 1 year
Follow on milk - 6 months to 1 year
Toddler milk - 1-3 years

I did use follow on milk as it was cheaper. I switched to cows milk at age 1

BaronessBomburst · 09/06/2017 16:47

I just carried on breastfeeding. When he bit, I pulled DS off the breast and said no. and screamed ouch a bit
He soon learned not to.

AssassinatedBeauty · 09/06/2017 16:56

Regarding the biting, it's usually related to teething. They can't actually bite if they're latched on and feeding because their tongue is in the way. The times to watch for biting is at the start and end of the feed when they're unlatching. When my DS has been in a biting phase I watch him like a hawk when he's unlatching. If he does bite then I say no and that's the end of the feed for a while at least.

Ratbagratty · 09/06/2017 16:58

If you want to bottle feed breastmilk, you can store breast milk in the freezer for 6 months in sterile storage bags. It can be kept in the back of fridge in either sterile bags or bottles for up to 5 days. It can be left at room temp for 6hrs I was told in hospital, but in the heat of summer might be best in fridge. It settles so will need a good shake before use. I had a bottle refuser so we used to put it in a non drip cup instead at 6 months.

Celticlassie · 10/06/2017 13:42

Slight derail here - is there an issue with giving defrosted breast milk that was expressed a couple of months before? I've got loads in the freezer that I'm hoping to use in a couple of months time, for things like a wedding I'm going to where my mum will babysit. I'm worried I won't produce enough excess milk in the wee while before so was hoping to use stuff I've already expressed. Obviously it won't be over 6 months old, but maybe 3?

Shanster · 21/06/2017 03:24

No issue in giving a baby defrosted milk. I have to travel for work and generally baby gets the frozen milk that I saved from my last trip - its fine. Good to have some milk in the freezer for emergenices!

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