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Feeding after TT released

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Sunisshining12 · 27/03/2017 18:21

Interested to hear experiences after tongue tie cuts.

My LO is 4w & had her posterior TT done Sat, feeding hasn't improved at all.

She doesn't suck properly as she won't bring her tongue over her bottom gum when she latches on so her gums basically grind/crunch on my very sore nipple. This is much worse on one side than the other (not sure why). The more we feed the Sorer I get.

I used nipple shields before the cut but want to stay off them now as I don't think they will help LO to learn how to suck!

Not used a dummy as not sure if that would help or hinder?

Will this ever get better? I'm so down about BF, it completely consumes us & the pain one side is getting worse.

ive had the positioning checked by various BF workers - it all comes down to not getting a deep enough latch due to the tongue not coming down/over the bottom gum. Instead she curls it up pointing towards roof of mouth. I've tried gently pushing it down & encouraging it but no luck.

Please help ;-(

OP posts:
Star8181 · 27/03/2017 18:37

Hi, I didn't want to read and run as I really feel for you. Not sure I have answers, hopefully someone with more knowledge might come along.
However, we had my little boys tongue tie snipped at 10 days old (5 weeks old now). It definitely took a good few days to sort the feeding - the breastfeeding consultant I saw said he would have to almost relearn what to do. I'm thinking as your LO was 4 weeks it might take a bit longer?

I was also told that the TT might not be successful and if that happened we'd have to go back to have it done again. Is this something worth checking? Can you speak to where you had it done?

I think I was told not to use a dummy for 2 weeks because of infection risk, not sure if this is the usual advice...

Sunisshining12 · 27/03/2017 18:51

Thanks, this was infact the second time it was cut (first time wasn't cut properly). Been checked again today & definitely released. I was expecting instant results this time :(

OP posts:
clarkeologist · 27/03/2017 18:55

It took a few days for us

MrsKCoulter · 27/03/2017 19:49

It took a few days for us too - done at 10 days old but she still had to relearn. Hope things improve.

Sunisshining12 · 27/03/2017 20:17

Thanks, that gives me hope! Was it the same problem - tongue not going over bottom gum? Did you use nipple shields in the meantime?

OP posts:
Sunisshining12 · 28/03/2017 15:15

Still no improvement ;-( should I use a nipple shield or will this make her latch lazy?

OP posts:
MrsKCoulter · 28/03/2017 18:53

Yes that was the problem. But I never used nipple shields I'm afraid. Do you have any breastfeeding support near you that could help? The midwife at my local breastfeeding drop in session really helped by getting me to sit in a more comfortable position with a really good feeding pillow - I think the baby being well supported helped her latch better.

AlfieTheRailwayCat · 28/03/2017 22:56

Have you tried offering your pinkie to encourage correct sucking just before you latch and then pop her on?

SheepyFun · 28/03/2017 23:02

I always had to use a nipple shield to feed DD (after a TT release). And that was after several visits to breast feeding groups. I wouldn't give up on the shield just yet!

littledinaco · 28/03/2017 23:14

The 'flipple' teqnique may help with the latch. There are quite a few videos if you google.

A good osteopath can sometimes help, especially if pain is more on one side than the other. I know opinion is very divided on them, but I know a few people who have had fantastic/instant results in relation to pain while feeding from seeing an osteo so may be worth considering.
Good luck.

Sunisshining12 · 29/03/2017 04:04

Thanks little - we have a cranio appt booked as it does seem to be one side!

Also doing some tongue excercises such as sucking on little finger prior to feeds...if she just brought her tongue down to latch it would be okay!

OP posts:
littledinaco · 29/03/2017 14:35

Hope the osteo works well for you. There could be tightness in your little girl's neck or jaw that is preventing her tounge from coming down properly.

My third had an awful latch and 2 tounge ties cut. I had lots of osteo but never managed to resolve completely, however I did continue to breastfeed and the latch improved around 6 months (sorry-not sure if that will make you feel better or worse but lactation consultant did say it was unusual to still have issues after tt snip and osteo).

You've probably already tried this but different positions can help; some babies latch better in rugby hold, some in biological nursing position, etc.

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