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user1489521157 · 14/03/2017 20:16

Hi, my daughter is 4 weeks old, she has been mostly breastfed and the odd bottle feed with expressed milk, one or two bottles of Aptimel formula. She has been colicky and has hardly pooed for 2 weeks, been incredibly windy from her bottom which leaves her distressed get so has been exclusively breast fed but no change. I hadn't planned on breast feeding for long and as shes still suffering with wind/constipation I'm keen to stop as I don't seem to be helping her much anyway.
Tonight I tried her on the MAM anti colic bottle teat1 with the Cow & Gate comfort milk after reading good things about it for helping Colic and Constipation. She's had 2oz but was screaming much more than when breastfed and visibly in pain. This could be down to the teat not flowing fast enough ( this formula says to use faster flow which I have just ordered) the fact that she had been crying a lot before being fed or not liking a bottle over breast (she has had bottles fine in the past)
I'm so confused as to what to do, carry on breast feeding , combination feed or exclusively try this formula.
I'm also using infacol and have brought Colief but not used yet as seemed to tricky to use with breastfeeding.
Any suggestions and tips would be helpful.
This is my first post from a desperate second time mummy who's first born was textbook baby Confused

OP posts:
AssassinatedBeauty · 15/03/2017 18:31

What do you want to do? If you want to continue breastfeeding only then do that. If you want to stop breastfeeding then do that, and persevere with your choice of formula. Or you could mix feed, and do some breastfeeds and some formula feeds. It really is up to you what you would prefer to do.

Small babies generally do have all kinds of discomfort from digestion, it doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem, just that their digestive systems are still developing and getting used to the whole process. When she has done a poo has it actually been constipated or has it been a normal poo?

Sunshineandlaughter · 15/03/2017 19:21

In your position I'd keep mix feeding giving the colief in her bottles. I think there isn't much you can do on the feeding to ease her colic other then you've been doing- some babies are just colicy.
Make sure you have her upright as much as possible during day as wind builds up and also try baby massage

Whatsername17 · 15/03/2017 20:28

Check that you can use colief with comfort milk. I thought that it reduced the lactose in the milk which is the same as the comfort milk. Id stop chopping and changing, choose a feeding method and stick with it. The crying could be unrelated - it could just because growth spurt. My hv told me not to be surprised if dd2 didn't poo at all during a growth spurt when ebf as there is very little waste from bm.

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