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Fastest safe method for bottle feeding

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PassTheCake82 · 09/03/2017 19:45

Hoping someone can advise here. My DS is on prescription formula so I'm unable to use cartons in the middle of the night.

To make up a bottle quickly and safely, would it work if I ....

  1. Boiled the kettle and poured 2oz of water in the bottle

2. Added 6oz worth of powder to the bottle and shake to kill bacteria in formula
3. Added 4oz of cooled boiled water from a sterilised bottle (kept in the fridge)

The idea being that step 3 would mean I could avoid faffing around trying to cool the bottle down at the sink/potential meltdown from hungry DS. Any thoughts?
OP posts:
Whatsername17 · 09/03/2017 20:12

I think this is the way the perfect prep machine works. Just check the amounts to be sure.

70ontheinside · 09/03/2017 20:16

That's how we did it. Perfect milk in no time.
Not sure whether that's currently considered "safe", though!

ohidoliketobe · 09/03/2017 20:18

Yeah perfectly fine and it's how I do DDs when we're out and about. The key is water over 70 degrees to formula to kill any bugs which might be in the formula.
Although 2oz hot to 4oz fridge cold might be a touch on the cold side? I use 2oz boiling + 6 formula then top up with 4oz cooled water at room temperature. This makes it pretty much body temp i.e. can't feel it when squirt a bit on my wrist. But my DD is a bit fussy and won't drink her bottles unless they're at perfect temperature.... diva.

PassTheCake82 · 09/03/2017 20:28

Great! That's really reassuring.

I had thought about the perfect prep machine but then I read some bad reviews.

Yeah, I think I'll need to play around to get the exact temp. My DS is fussy about temperature too - the prescription formula is awful but warm is better than cool that's for sure. I didn't think I could leave boiled water out at room temperature... I thought it had to be kept in the fridge although I'm not sure why! Confused

OP posts:
ohidoliketobe · 10/03/2017 01:11

I use perfect prep when we're at home. There are some bad reviews but we are happy enough with it. Yeah the 'hot shot' cools down quickly bit it is over 70 degrees when first dispensed (I've taken the twmperaturw to check after I read some claims that it wasn't). We have the formula ready to go in those little pots so it's into the hot water straight away. And the cold water isn't boiler and cooled, it's filtered. But again, the main issue is that the formula is in contact with water over 70 degrees. I know someone who tops it up straight from cold water tap, and my French friend uses bottled mineral water because that's what they do on France. Apparently.

littlemissdaydreamer · 10/03/2017 15:11

Just a quick note to say it might be worth double checking the instructions for preparing the prescription formula, my lo's says it can't be made with boiling water as it kills the good bacteria. I have to boil the kettle and leave it to cool for 30 mins before adding the formula.

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