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Stop Infacol?

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MollieHodgs · 04/03/2017 13:36

Hi Mums Smile

My son is 11 weeks old and I'm trying to not use the infacol as much he did have really bad coilic but now he seems to not be crying after a feed. I haven't given him infacol for his past two feeds and he has got sick. He isn't normally a sick baby. Should I continue to give him the infacol ? I sit him up when feeding by the time he is finished his bottle he winds straight away and gets sick not sure what I should do and would love some advice x

Thank you x

Mollie x

OP posts:
AssassinatedBeauty · 04/03/2017 14:23

I would imagine it's just a coincidence, and I would continue not using the Infacol and see how it goes. Is it a lot that he's bringing up? If it's not a huge amount and he seems otherwise ok then I wouldn't be too concerned.

MollieHodgs · 04/03/2017 17:50

It is quite a lot he just had another feed and I gave him some infacol and he wasn't sick.

OP posts:
AssassinatedBeauty · 04/03/2017 18:08

Well I guess if you think the amounts of vomit are a problem then keep using the Infacol for now. Or you could keep trying without the Infacol and see if it settles down.

MollieHodgs · 04/03/2017 18:27

That's what I was thinking to do thank you for your help xx

OP posts:
Redken24 · 07/03/2017 10:57

I'm sure that you have to gradually stop infacol? I used gripe water.

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