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Milk allergy? Success stories?

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hollymonster · 22/02/2017 16:44

Hi all

Hoping you can help :)

Does this look like it could be milk allergy rash?

Due to various issues with breastfeeding (lots of screaming on and off the breast etc) I'm going to cut out dairy and was wondering if some mamas could give me some success stories - how long it takes to notice a difference so I can start looking out for whether or not I need to try something else?

Thank you! X

Milk allergy? Success stories?
OP posts:
FallenSkies · 22/02/2017 17:13

My dd is allergic to milk and so I cut it out when breastfeeding. It takes a couple of weeks for it to work out of your system, so a little bit longer before your child is milk free. Once she was though it was like I had a different child and was def worth all the hassle. It is all trial and error though as it could well be a different allergy. How old is your child? Have you started on solids?

FallenSkies · 22/02/2017 17:17

Just looked at pic again and realised child is a baby and unlikely to be on solids. Only asked as dd allergies were easier to pin point once on solids, but me cutting out milk did make such a difference. There is a great support group on Facebook called CMPA Support

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