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Cluster feeding but falls asleep at breast

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Bex134 · 03/02/2017 18:39

Any thought greatly appreciated...

My little boy is 18 days old and having a growth spurt which is meaning a cycle of feeding for 40 mins, falling asleep at breast, trying to put him down, he wakes and cries, then routes again and we start again. Nothing other than feeding will settle him, we've been like entertainers this afternoon with cuddles, rocking, playing with colourful toys- they may work for a short time. It we always get back to feeding.

My wondering is about him sleeping whilst feeding- is this expected? I've tried waking him to take more but doesn't last long.

Anyone else had this? Smile

OP posts:
user1474439326 · 03/02/2017 18:46

I think it's normal considering the age! Enjoy the sitting down! X

LittleBearPad · 03/02/2017 18:52

Let him eat and sleep

Is he your first? Not in a patronising way - promise. It just means you hopefully don't have to chase after other children and can settle down in front of the TV. Enjoy the sitting down and snuggles.

Bex134 · 03/02/2017 19:03

Yes he's my first. The amount of feeding has really shocked me - i love feeding him but I do worry I don't have the milk to satisfy him.

OP posts:
user1474439326 · 03/02/2017 19:11

My baby did this and still loves a feed now. I think I under estimated breastfeeding too. It's much more of a commitment than I realised. Good luck and I'm sure things will change as he gets older x

ReginaGeorgeinSheepsClothing · 03/02/2017 19:12

You will get there! Bf is difficult but rewarding! In the early days and even now I won't sit down to feed without bottle of water, fully charged phone and the remote! Have you looked at breastfeeding support groups in your area? (And much congrats on your arrival!)

TipBoov · 03/02/2017 19:12

This is how he builds your supply up. Just get comfy infront of the TV, and feed!

Bex134 · 03/02/2017 23:25

You were totally spot on Tip - I feel my breasts are more full this evening.

How long will this last for? Just whilst he is more hungry?? Would you recommend expressing if he slows down to keep this supply up - or just go with the flow (sorry no pun intended..!)

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 03/02/2017 23:31

Don't panic. You'll be making milk all the time so it's not possible to run out. I would not worry about expressing at this point. He's doing exactly as he should, and you'll have exactly as much milk as he needs :)

This might help:

This is interesting reading too:

Though do note that at the point you're at, it's normal to feel "full" especially between feeds and it isn't bad - your body basically doesn't know how many babies you've had yet so your hormones are going crazy producing lots and lots of milk until they figure out what your baby needs and then they'll calm down.

Bex134 · 03/02/2017 23:43

I feel as though earlier in the week he wasn't feeding enough as he slept for long periods when out visiting family. I just wonder if my milk reduced and now is increasing again after a couple of crazy feeding days?

All this feeding is making me think about the 'science' behind it to try and make sense of it all. Thanks for those links I'll have a read Smile

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 04/02/2017 00:01

Supply isn't as fragile as you think it is. Certainly you should keep an eye on him to make sure that he's getting enough but at this age the most reliable sign is that he's giving you enough wet and dirty nappies. (At this age, they are counted as one and the same, no need to count separately). It's okay for a newborn to sleep a lot, often they are only really able to stay awake for very short periods at that age.

I found it really helpful to learn about the science of breastfeeding, it's really interesting too! Made me think they should teach it in schools, it is a part of our biology after all.

The Food of Love is a good book for explaining it BTW, but you can also find loads of info online. Kellymom is great and so is Analytical Armadillo.

Bex134 · 04/02/2017 02:22

Fab, thankyou SmileSmile

OP posts:
Aliveinwanderland · 04/02/2017 02:28

Just stick with it and keep going. Expressing at this stage could just make you sore, and remove the milk that he then ten minutes later decides he wants!

Lots of time on the sofa and enjoy the cuddles. Let him feed as often as he needs and don't think frequent feeding means he isn't getting enough. My DS was a very frequent feeder for weeks and weeks and even at 14 sweeps still feeds every 2 hours day and night.

In a few weeks he will be wanting to be on the go wriggling and less easy to snuggle on the sofa infront of Netflix's with- enjoy it while it lasts!

Aliveinwanderland · 04/02/2017 02:28

Sweeps = weeks!

teaandbiscuitsforme · 04/02/2017 15:05

So long as you are feeding on demand (every time he asks wakes/stirs/murmurs), you will have enough milk. Expressing milk doesn't really help at this stage, you just need to let your baby lead the way and nature will do the rest.

As far as him falling asleep, that's what BF babies do. I wouldn't try too hard to get him to feed for longer or distract him with toys, you will just wear yourself out and this a long game! Try not to be concerned, try not to worry about what you're doing right or wrong. Just sit on the sofa/lay in bed and let baby feed. It'll get so much easier soon!

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