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Contraception and breastfeeding

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HeldTogetherByGafferTape · 16/11/2016 21:26

Hi all

I'm 7 weeks post partum and breastfeeding. I have an appointment tomorrie to have a coil fitted.

I used to use the mirena abc I loved it as I had no periods, but am thinking copper might be better in a bid to stay away from hormones whilst breastfeeding.

Does anyone have any experience of contraception (especially IUDs) while breastfeeding? Did anything affect your milk levels?

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RedKites · 16/11/2016 21:31

The breastfeeding network have a factsheet here .

HeldTogetherByGafferTape · 16/11/2016 21:36

Oh great!

Thanks RedKites

I'm in bed at the moment, and it won't open on my phone, but will check it during a night feed later.

Thanks again

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