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Firsttimer82 · 29/09/2016 20:28

DS is 10months and is BF Evenings to sleep, twice in the night and in the morning, we co-sleep so its easy. He has never taken formula or a bottle. However in 10weeks I go back to work and will be doing 1 nightshift a fortnight. Ds will be with Dh and i'm worried about how he will sleep without me and more importantly boob. Am I better off stopping BF and starting a whole new routine for bed? Its seems a shame. He drinks from a cup and through a straw, but I have never really been able to express, last time I did it I bled! Not much ever/has ever come out without the baby being attached, so expressing isn't an option. Any advice gratefully received. TIA Smile

OP posts:
scrumptiouscrumpets · 30/09/2016 20:39

I think he'll just get used to a different kind of routine when you aren't there. Your DH could give him some formula in his cup, or he could do a routine without any kind of milk.
I worked night shifts when I was still bf DS, though I only fed to sleep and he didn't feed during the night. He just adapted to his dad's routine, and when I was at home we just did what we'd always done.
It might take your DS some time to get used to his dad putting him to bed and not being able to feed during the night, and if you're only doing one shift a fortnight it might take a long time for him to adapt. So your DH will probably have some unsettled nights! I wouldn't stop bf if you don't want to, it seems a shame to stop for just two nights a month .

museumum · 30/09/2016 20:46

I wouldn't stop. Just get your Dh to offer cow milk in a cup when you're away.
Do you want to continue cosleeping when you're back at work? If not you can do gentle night weaning now - jay Gordon always gets good reviews. Gentle weaning takes time though.
If you're happy cosleeping and night feeding though then just carry on.

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