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Keep trying new bottles or stick with one?

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user1471546177 · 01/09/2016 09:34

This is my first post so please be gentle with me! I'm currently desperately trying to get my breastfed 16 week old to switch to formula but he refuses to take a bottle. I must've have spent nearly £100 on different bottles/teats and only once has he taken 2oz. Am I making it worse by changing? Do I make a decision and stick with one type of bottle or continue to try others? Any other tips greatly appreciated..

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Fluffsnuts · 01/09/2016 19:25

Keep trying one bottle. Go out, or get someone else to take him out when he is due a feed, he may take it better if you aren't there.

My DS is 8months and the only reason he is still breasted is that I didn't have the heart to force him to take a bottle- would have involved me leaving him with dad for 24hrs or more and him very distressed.

Is there a reason he needs to take a bottle?

Fluffsnuts · 01/09/2016 19:26

Sorry, that made it sound like I think you are being cruel. I don't, just explaining that some babies just won't take a bottle unless absolutely forced to!

tappitytaptap · 01/09/2016 22:18

Yes we stuck with one (Dr Browns) and tried every day for a month before he'd take it properly. Good luck!

user1471546177 · 02/09/2016 08:41

Thank you for the advice, he's a big baby, 98th percentile and still feeding every 90mins to 2hrs and I'm just exhausted! Selfishly it would also be nice to be able to go out for a few hours without rushing/panicking to get back because he's due a feed

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