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Problems with dream feeding - good sleeper no more!

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KoolDog · 14/08/2016 06:21

My nine-week-old usually sleeps well. 8pm-5am. I started to introduce a dream feed at 10.30/11pm to 'bump' her over to 6am or 7am. It started off OK for the first few days and she slept about 45 mins longer. But for the last few days she's woken at 12pm and 3am - something she never did since she was three weeks old! It's come three days after her jabs. She also hasn't fed that well for the last two days, so don't know if it's related to that?

Don't know what's to blame - jabs, feeding or just not good at dream feeding?? Also, how long should I persevere for dream feeding to be established...?

OP posts:
Thundercake · 14/08/2016 06:59

I'd say your baby's pattern has just changed, things rarely stay the same for long. That seems quite young to sleep for such long stretches so if your little one is waking up I'd just feed him/her whenever he/she wants. It sounds really normal for a 9 week old to wake up a few times a night.
As for the dream feeds getting established I'm not sure because I never did that but hopefully someone else can advise you.

Thundercake · 14/08/2016 06:59

Sorry, clearly a girl!!

MigGril · 14/08/2016 07:07

I tried a dream feed with my oldest it didn't work at all and just caused more problems. My youngest naturally work for a feed around 10-11pm. I'd say let sleeping babies sleep, their patterns of sleep soon change anyway. Sometimes they will have growth spurts and need more feeding other times its teething, illness, development changes just needing a cuddle. Night time parenting is the hardest bit of parenting but just as important as anything else.

Always enjoy the sleep while you have it and don't mess with it.

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