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New born hiccups and is sick after breastfeeding?

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bippitybopityboo · 18/07/2016 22:28

Hi all my 4 day old has started having hiccups and then he is sick after alot of his feeds. He gets his wind up well but then the hiccups start and he is udually sick, not the full feed I don't think just maybe a tea spoon of sick each time
Should I be worried or any tips to avoid the hiccups?

OP posts:
Orsono · 19/07/2016 10:42

Posseting is really common and nothing to worry about. With the hiccups, it might be worth getting someone to watch you feed and check your latch, as a poor latch csn sometimes be the cause of taking in too much air. Is there a breastfeeding support group you could get to?

I find that when mine has hiccups, feeding again usually stops them pretty quickly.

user1462971973 · 19/07/2016 12:13

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NarcyCow · 19/07/2016 12:27

Posseting is normal, their digestive systems are very new. That's why muslins are marketed to new parents! I wouldn't worry about either that or the hiccups unless he seems distressed or isn't gaining weight properly.

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