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when is it okay to nightwean?

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dottydee3 · 13/07/2016 09:25

I'm struggling at night and this last week DH has taken over some nights because I'm so sleep deprived. He's suggested night weaning and I'm keen as I'm not enjoying night feeds at all. Feeling guilty because I didn't even consider it with DC1 until she was 15M+. But they are different creatures DD2 doesn't feed to sleep in the same way or suckle.
Shes 10mo now and BF. Eats food well in the day.
Am I being mean?

OP posts:
twoundertwowillbefun · 13/07/2016 09:31

Nope - I only night weaned my baby at 14 months but actually I should have done it earlier as we would both have been happier (after the initial 'shock') in due in September and my mantra is going to be feed feed feed all day and limit the night stuff after a couple of months with the view that I'll night wean by 6 months or so Grin this all may be wishful thinking

Pootles2010 · 13/07/2016 09:53

We did it at 8 months, and it worked really well - took about 2 nights i think, god it was lovely after! He was quite happy with it. But that was sleep training as well as night weaning, iyswim.

Artandco · 13/07/2016 09:56

6 months here. Fed them at 10/11pm dreamfeed then nothing until morning (8am)

dottydee3 · 13/07/2016 15:47

Thank you, I really don't want to do any cio or cc type sleep training. she can usually be settled without milk, I'm assuming she'll be okay nutritionally without night feeds?

OP posts:
Pootles2010 · 13/07/2016 16:31

Yep she absolutely will, she'll just make it up during the day. Great that she can be settled without milk! Will make it so much easier.

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