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Help please - 9.5mo forgot how to suck?

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Jooni · 12/07/2016 13:04

I've recently weaned my 9.5mo from breast to bottle. I was late to introduce the bottle at around 7 months, but she had got the hang of it and was taking all daytime feeds from it, so 4 days ago we decided to completely wean.

She's been absolutely fine with the transition and happily took the bottle for the first couple of days, but yesterday and today she seems to have completely forgotten how to suck on it! She's doing this weird clicky thing with her tongue and seems to be sucking furiously but getting barely anything out. After a few minutes of this she gets fed up and refuses to take any more.

Any ideas about what's going on here and how I can "re-teach" her to take the bottle? I don't understand what's suddenly changed Confused

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