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Been told to give formula to newborn - teet help please

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seven201 · 12/07/2016 12:59

My little girl is 27 days and still a lot below birth weight and put on nothing at all this week. She has green poo which hv says can be a sign of not getting enough calories. Hv been today and advised giving 2 formula feeds a day. I have the tommee tipee starter kit and just gave her 2.5 oz (not long after breast feed) and she gulped it down ridiculously quickly. A lot wet down her chin/neck. Her guts have just done a few really Lou's rumbles and a little bit just came out of her nose. I used aptamil from a blue bottle. I'm guessing I should go to sainsburys this afternoon and try and find a slow flow teet (they exist right?)? Any recommendations? Do all tests fit all bottles or do I need to buy new bottles too? Her guts are still going like mad!!!

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sycamore54321 · 14/07/2016 23:48

As you are still so recently post partum, you should be that you are at significantly increased risk of blood clots until your baby is six weeks old at least. So take extreme caution when implementing the advice to stay in bed and cuddle all day to build up supply. I ended up with a frightening DVT in this time period when following the advice to sit under my 20-day old baby and feed all day long. I had no idea of the increased clotting risk, and I had to endure pain, hospitalization, painful expensive treatments and still have life-long consequences.

So treat your intensive BF and skin-to-skin time as though you were on a long haul flight, lots of getting up and walking about, frequently stretch and exercise your legs, avoid cramped positions and change positions regularly, even wear flight socks if you can.

Post partum DVT is an awful thing. Please take care.

Best of luck to you and your baby.

seven201 · 15/07/2016 18:42

I'm so sorry to hear about your experience sycamore. I had my bed day earlier in the week but I did get up lots to find more chocolate and am fine.

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