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Breastfeeding baby won't take much from bottle

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PetrovaFossil1 · 02/07/2016 14:54


I have a 13 week old who is breastfed about every 3-4 hrs in the day and usually sleeps 10pm-5am (so around 5-6 feeds a day)

I have been replacing the occasional feed with a bottle of expressed milk so his father can do a feed or if I need to be out. We've had no issues with him refusing the bottle.

He's on the 75th percentile for height and weight but when bottle fed takes a maximum of 120ml and normally only 90ml or so.

This seems low from what I've read as I would expect it to be more like 150+ and I wanted to check he's not being underfed when on the bottle. Is it possible he takes more from the breast than the bottle and 'catches up'? Or could he just take a lower amount of milk per day than average? (To me this seems unlikely since he has remained on his percentile since birth)

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BeenThereTooSEL · 02/07/2016 15:04

What flow teat have you got? My DD won't take a bottle (I've tried loads lol!) but my friend who is very experienced said it could be due to the flow? Apparently the flow from bottles is faster so maybe it's filling him up quicker?

ZZZZ1111 · 02/07/2016 17:21


That amount sounds fine. You wouldn't usually expect a BF baby to take more than 120 ml in a bottle of ebm.

Check this out:

TriJo · 03/07/2016 17:47

My son takes around 90-120ml if my DH is looking after him and he's been feeding on demand during the day. He's 14 weeks and still feeds very frequently but not necessarily huge amounts.

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