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Is this the end of breastfeeding?

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StepfauxWife · 29/06/2016 19:35

DD is 14 weeks old. Feeding got off to a good start. I introduced a bottle at around 9 weeks and she has one bottle of formula every evening and sometimes another as a dream feed ( if I'm too knackered to BF). If I've managed to express in the day, then she has that.

Last night, she woke for a feed and when I went to feed her, she pulled off screaming after a few sucks. In the end, I got her a bottle of formula and nearly cried.

She has done the same today. I'm now worried that I've messed up my supply by giving her so many bottles.

I had such a hard time feeding my first child and those familiar feelings of feeling like a failure are starting to creep in again.

I'm keen to continue combined feeding but worried that my supply hasn't got the memo. Is there anything I can do? I'm going to pump tonight although I barely get anything.

So upset Sad

OP posts:
GirlSailor · 29/06/2016 19:56

My 6 month old is a committed bottle refuser - I've tried to introduce one and given up. I'm just saying this as she has gone through phases of doing what you describe and has never had a single bottle. There will be more knowledgeable people along with actual advice but I have seen similar - often just before she goes to sleep so maybe when overtired.

StepfauxWife · 29/06/2016 20:44

Thank you. A little googling suggests that one option is to give her a bottle at the start of the feed (to take the edge off her hunger) and then to put her on the breast.

I've just tried this and she did have a short breastfeed but she was very sleepy so I don't know if it'll work in the same way during the day.

Sigh. Breastfeeding is hard!

OP posts:
VocalDuck · 29/06/2016 20:47

Whatever happens, you are not a failure. Breastfeeding or formula feeding, your child will thrive and grow.

muddypuddled · 29/06/2016 21:04

Don't worry, although we're not combi feeding (my daughter will not take a bottle), my daughter does this too. It's usually when she's over tired so I just have to persevere and in the end she gives in. Could you try moving her bedtime feed forwards?? Is her latch ok? You're doing just fine btw. You're baby is fed and that's all that matters Smile

BeenThereTooSEL · 29/06/2016 21:24

Breastfeeding is proper hard! My supply dropped and I took fenugreek and blessed thistle tea and it upped it well!

StepfauxWife · 29/06/2016 21:34

Fenugreek of course! I will try that, thank you.

OP posts:
GirlSailor · 29/06/2016 21:41

When she gets fussy going off and on and I think she is definitely hungry or tired I often just switch her to the other side, it seems to give her a chance to start again and concentrate on feeding. So when she pulls away I let her, and then switch her over to the other side and repeat until she settles into it.

BeenThereTooSEL · 29/06/2016 21:49

Makes you sweat out a curry like smell lol! You've been warned ha ha.

Also might be TMI but when you're due on your period it can change the flavour of your milk due to hormones etc so is it that time of the month? My DD is 11 months and still gets fussy when I'm due on

StepfauxWife · 29/06/2016 22:05

I should have mentioned that my periods have returned (already - sob!). They were every fortnight so my GP suggested I went on the pill. Could that affect things?

I tried the switching sides thing but that seemed to make her more irate.

Tomorrow is another day. I think I'll go back to basics with lots of skin to skin, etc and hope that makes a difference.

OP posts:
BeenThereTooSEL · 29/06/2016 22:07

Mine returned 5 weeks after birth. 5 WEEKS! I was proper upset lol!

Could be the pill! Does it coincide with when the fussiness and on and offing started?

StepfauxWife · 29/06/2016 22:11

Five weeks. You have my sympathy.

I've only been on the pill a week so not sure. I might return to my GP.

OP posts:
Toofondofcake · 30/06/2016 16:28

Unfortunately when you're breastfeeding it's at night time when your supply is highest and it's night feeds that encourage the maintainence of your supply so substituting them with formula might have upset the balance a bit.

It's so frustrating of course because nights are when you want some time off and are wanting to give a bottle.

Maybe abstain from evening bottles for a few days so that your supply comes back up, it might be hard going for a few days though. Apparently a baby only needs a bottle once every 5 days to keep them remembering how to do it.

Also I'm sure your GP made the right recommendation but some pills aren't suitable for breastfeeding so maybe double check that too?

Really hope it all evens out for you love!

user1467786468 · 06/07/2016 07:50

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artisanroast · 21/07/2016 01:21

Pump and feed, to keep stimulating your supply.

I didn't use contraception whilst BF but would a copper cool be suitable as there are no hormones?

Hope all goes well. BF is tough and the early days are the hardest


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