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Help please 5 week old refusing breast

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nothoughts · 28/06/2016 22:03

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions of things to try because I don't think I can carry this on much longer.

Back story is that DS2 had a posterior tongue tie snipped on Thursday. After weeks of struggling things really seemed to be improving until suddenly in the early hours of Sunday he started refusing. We have had only one sucessful feed since. My strategy has been to keep offering but of he refuses give him expressed. I have followed the advice on Kelly mom. I have tried different positions, giving him a small top up first the n trying him, hand expressing to get things going etc but nothing seems to help. If anything it is getting worse and the amount I can express is slowly decreasing. Does anyone have any ideas?

I am close to giving up which is making very sad. I was determined to make it work this time but can't see how this can continue.

Can anyone help?

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nothoughts · 28/06/2016 22:28

I should add that this is slowly eroding my confidence. I am now doubting myself about whether I am positioning him correctly etc.

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SilverHoney · 28/06/2016 22:30

Didn't want to read and run, sounds like you're trying your very best OP Flowers

Are there any breastfeeding support groups near you? Or other experienced breastfeeding mums who could offer support / advice in person?

No real tips apart from to keep pumping to keep your supply up, and keep offering baby the breast (if you want to!)

Does baby take the expressed milk well?

Also, if you do decide it is the end of your breastfeeding journey, know you've done fantastic and your baby will thrive no matter how they are fed.

nothoughts · 29/06/2016 08:04

Thank you silver. There is a group tomorrow. He is taking expressed well but had to top up with formula over night as not been able to express enough.
Really don't want this to be the end but if things don't improve soon may have to call it a day as it's not fair on DS1.

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SilverHoney · 29/06/2016 20:24

Go to the group tomorrow. It can be helpful to feed in front of someone as they can see how he's latched / positioned.

SilverHoney · 30/06/2016 17:36

Did you go to the group today? Any improvement?

nothoughts · 01/07/2016 02:27

I did make it to group today. I'm feeling a lot more positive. I got reassurance that I am positioning him correctly. It also was really helpful to talk through the plan I came up with yesterday. I have cut down my expressing to 3 or 4 times a day and give formula at other feeds. I will continue to offer breast mid way through each feed for a maximum of 10 mins. This will stop feeds taking hours and both of us getting very frustrated. The idea is that at least he is getting some breast milk and it is sustainable longer term. If he starts feeding directly from breas I can the increase the time there a rebuild my supply.

Thank you for support.

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