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Expressing problems - any suggestions? Feeling desperate

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Throughautomaticdoors · 28/06/2016 09:23

Dd is nearly 27 weeks and I've expressed exclusively until now after she was premature.
I don't feel ready to stop. I mean it's horrific and I don't get any sleep as I'm expressing twice in the night (7 times a day total) but I don't feel ready to stop. I've let her down badly in other ways - some of you may have seen my threads about not giving the rotavirus vaccine due to reflux and incorrect information - and so I feel at least if she did get it breast milk is more likely to stop her getting dehydrated and needing hospital admission.

BUT I have another dc who is 7 and breaks up soon for six long weeks. At the moment due to the expressing and now tired I am we just don't go out. However I can't expect ds not to go out in the holidays. Also dh wants to go on holiday (not abroad). So I need to make the gap in the day longer. At the moment I get 900mls roughly which just meets dd but doesn't leave any to freeze.

I wondered if I dropped a daytime express but added an extra one somewhere else if it would work out the same? So instead of 6am, 10am, 2pm, 5pm, 9pm, 12am, 3am which I'm doing now if I left out that 2pm one but put another one in between 5pm and 9pm? Then at least I would be able to go out for longer and take ds somewhere?
Or would it be the beginning of the end milk supply wise?

OP posts:
ispymincepie · 09/07/2016 11:35

I too am exclusively expressing for my 9 week old who has never managed to latch. I've found I can get away with pumping 4 times a day, approx 6am, 11am, 4pm and 10pm. Sometimes I manage more sessions but find the total amount across the day is about the same (also around 900ml) Maybe try missing one and see if your next session is more productive? I am taking domperidone and fenugreek which I think really helps my supply though. Well done for getting so far, it's totally gruelling. I gave up pumping at night fairly early on!

YorkieDorkie · 09/07/2016 11:42

You've fed her breast milk for 27 weeks WITH A PUMP! That's incredible and you've done an amazing thing! Now it's time to enjoy your summer holiday with BOTH your children. If you can wind it down, maybe think about the transition SmileWine.

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