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EBF to bottle - 4mo

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Poppins27 · 27/06/2016 20:18

Just after a bit of advice please.

I'm currently trying to introduce a bottle again to my 4mo DS as due to go to a social event at the weekend which will involve leaving him with his GM.

I attempted introducing a bottle when he was 10 weeks old and he went from blatant refusal to begrudgingly taking one very gradually but since then I haven't really tried again as I found it so stressful and wasn't ready to give up bfing altogether.

This time however I would ideally like to replace daytime feeds with a bottle, but am happy and would like to bf to sleep for comfort and during the night.

So yesterday I gave him bottles of formula and after much resistance he had 4 bottles which totalled about 14oz then fed to sleep on me and had 2 bf during the night.

Today he has only accepted 3 bottles totalling 9 oz (despite me trying relentlessly) 7 of which were ebm 2 formula. Again he has fed to sleep off me... but not for long.

I suppose I'm asking if dropping daytime feeds altogether is a bit much (but my rationale was that he won't think refusing the bottle means he can have the boob which therefore sets GM up for a hellish time in Saturday when she can't provide one), and also whether I'm starving my poor DS?!

My partner feels if I chop and change from boob to bottle I'm confusing DS too so I've been really trying to persevere with daytime bottles but my heart aches for him as I know I can fill him up and comfort him myself so easily...but I DO need a break and WOULD ultimately like to combi feed successfully. I'd like friends and family to be able to feed DS and start caring for him also?!

Sorry for the essay...just feel like I'm being mean.

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HolisticMama13 · 27/06/2016 20:34

My daughter is 11 months & has only ever been EBF. We tried introducing bottles of BM & she has never and I doubt ever will now take a bottle.

I know of other mums tho who have had luck with NUK bottles who were EBFing. Good luck xx

Poppins27 · 27/06/2016 20:43

Thank you, I did think about trying them as I've heard others mention NUK...but I know my DS can take a bottle when needed, when he is happy to he will take one lovely...but he is just very selective in when he chooses to take one?! (That sounded a lot clearer in my head?!

That's why I thought dropping all day time feeds would be better as he cant pick and choose when to take one....but feel super mean (although i think it will be best in the long run, hopefully he will just associate boob with his night time routine. But I don't want him starving until his is established?!

But he is teething and had a slight cold so wonder whether his appetite is lower than normal anyway as I thought he would guzzle off me tonight but he's barely taken any?!

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HolisticMama13 · 27/06/2016 21:20

Also I've heard some babies take better from someone who hasn't got the boobies?

HolisticMama13 · 27/06/2016 21:21

Also at 4 months isn't there a regression?

Poppins27 · 27/06/2016 21:33

Thanks Holistic, your right. The idea was my DP would 'help' with this but with him at work during the day it's left to me, and to be honest he's not as patient so I tend to just crack on with it when he gets home?! He did give one bottle yesterday and had the same amount of refusal as me. I'd love him to be the one to say 'give him here, I'll have a try' but he doesn't offer and I'm to stubborn to make him.

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BretonTop · 27/06/2016 21:38

I'd persevere as you are at the moment; a few bottles during the day, then bf at night. This is what I did with ds1 (5 years ago now!) But I don't remember him being all that fussy, so guess I was lucky. If he's hungry he'll drink, and like someone else said if he can't smell your milk and someone else is feeding him, he's likely to drink more.

Enjoy your day off on Saturday!

Poppins27 · 27/06/2016 21:51

Thank you Breton, I was hoping I was doing the right thing, just feel so mean...but best for the long run I feel. I guess if DS was starving hungry is know about it!!

I really want to enjoy Saturday, last time I left him I was too anxious to enjoy it so hoping by the end of the week DS will be a bottle convert and him and Nanna can have a fun day too!?

You wouldn't think I'd done this before would you, DD wasn't remotely bothered where her feeds came from though so totally new to me Confused

OP posts:
HolisticMama13 · 27/06/2016 21:53

All babies are mega different! I have friends who had no problem going from boob to bottle.

Also I'm a wimp who doesn't like her crying for boob so I cave in pretty easily Confused

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