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Silent reflux or wind? Help!

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BertieBeatle · 19/06/2016 09:24

Hi all,

Hoping someone can help advise me.
My baby is nearly 7 weeks old and has been very upset lately. The HV recommended infacol, but after using it every feed for a day, he had his worst crying spell ever and now Im at a loss and considering a trip to the gp. It's so hard to get an appointment though so just wanted to get opinions from other mums first. Here are his symptoms:
mostly grizzly when not asleep, seems uncomfortable.
Cries and pulls off the boob when feeding, it can take ages to get though a feed as I never know if he's finished. I keep burping him but burps rarely come up.
Cries relentlessly sometimes with no way to stop him Sad last night he cried till he was exhausted and finally he fed himself to sleep. He then slept for 3 and a half hours, but squirmed in his sleep a lot. He cried at the next feed as well. He ended up falling asleep sitting up and then i laid him down and he slept for 2 hours.
Crying spells are worse in evening but can occur at any time of day
Foams at mouth a bit sometimes
Farts a LOT. Cries when he's farting which happens a lot during feeding.
Feeds nearly every hour during the day for short feeds and pulls off. There is usually 1 or 2 feeds a day where is he ok. Usually the last feed before he goes to sleep at night is calmer.
Happiest when in bouncy chair but sometimes nothing works

Do you think this could be silent reflux or does it sound like normal colicky behaviour? He's ebf.


OP posts:
BertieBeatle · 19/06/2016 09:34

Oh and I should say he has put on loads of weight. He's 13lb 4oz after being 7lb 11 at birth. This is because he feeds sooo often. The HV thinks this is a good sign and isn't concerned but I can't bear to see him in so much pain every day Sad

OP posts:
29redshoes · 21/06/2016 08:26

You could be describing my DD, every last symptom!! I went to the GP yesterday and she said it was silent reflux and prescribed ranitidine. She also suggested I trial a dairy free diet as silent reflux is often caused by cows milk protein intolerance.

I had a lovely and very knowledgable GP though. I get the impression from reading MN that a lot of GPs can be dismissive and will just tell you babies cry. Be prepared to be a bit pushy, it's no fun seeing your DC in pain.

Do go to the GP - I put it off thinking it was normal baby behaviour but it's not. Im very cynical about "colic" - it's really just a catch all term meaning "your baby cries a lot but we don't know why".

Good luck!

29redshoes · 21/06/2016 08:35

By the way I don't know how you feel about dummies but they have been a godsend for us. DD has been wanting to feed constantly and also put on a lot of weight as a result, I thought she was just super hungry but probably what she really wanted was something to soothe her throat. The dummy gives an alternative to my boobs when she just wants to comfort suck, and helps calm her down sometimes when she's crying inconsolably.

Other things you can try are holding your DC upright after feeding and raising the head of the cot using books so he doesn't have to lie flat.

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