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Combination fed baby suddenly refusing bottle

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MYA2016 · 06/06/2016 13:45

For the last 3 weeks my 19 week old son has been having a bedtime bottle of formula. This was mainly to give me a break as the 4 month sleep regression has hit very hard but also because I will be returning to work soon and am also going to a work event Friday night.
everything was going well and he was taking the aptimil from a tommee tippee closer to nature bottle. However last night we did the usual routine only this time the second he saw the bottle he threw a huge fit and wouldn't calm down for 20 min which is when I breastfed him and he instantly settled. I thought it was just a blip and he wanted comfort so today I tried him with a bottle this morning, 60 mins after a breastfeed and he did the exact same thing again. He Is otherwise very happy and healthy.
I feel like this is really tipping me over the edge.
Any experience / advice please?

OP posts:
user1464887935 · 08/06/2016 23:14

Will he take an open cup? You could try one of the babycup ones, they're recommended for combination feeding and I've found them really good.

swg1 · 09/06/2016 21:13

Try a different type od bottle? Maybe if it looks different you might get away with it.

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