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Baby getting angry and not latching on

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maybebabybee · 12/05/2016 19:48

DS is 8 weeks. EBF with no issues til now. Firstly he doesn't come off the breast by himself. He just shakes his head from side to side and gets annoyed at the end of a feed. I assume this is gas but it happens at every day time feed. Here's the weird thing: He only really does the satisfied drunk grin during the night feeds, when he also comes off by himself. At the moment he gets really annoyed at the boob during the day and takes forever to latch on, crying, but never ever does this at night. Any thoughts??? I'm grateful the night feeds are smooth but I'm starting to fear feeding him in public during the day as it can take a good ten minutes of him getting worked up and screaming before taking the boob.

I think it might be OALD related as I have noticed he splutters sometimes and also sometimes has green tinged poos. Also when I fed him lying down this morning he was fine. But I can't feed him lying down all the time!

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 12/05/2016 21:11

Has he ever been checked for tongue tie?

maybebabybee · 12/05/2016 21:20

No never - I thought that would cause problems from the beginning??

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GipsyDanger · 15/05/2016 17:28

What OALD? This is practically my baby, I'm 8 weeks to

maybebabybee · 15/05/2016 20:35

Over active let down - when your milk flow is too fast and baby can't cope with it.

Glad it's not just me!!!

OP posts:
GipsyDanger · 15/05/2016 23:55

It's scarily similar, even down to the occasional green poop Blush

maybebabybee · 16/05/2016 08:43

I'm so glad (sorry!!!) as no one else seems to have this problem...

He has good days and bad days, the last couple of days have been a lot better (with very yellow poos to prove it)

Advice for over active let down is feeding in a reclined position which DS does seem better in but it's totally impractical when you're out.

OP posts:
maybebabybee · 16/05/2016 08:44

Also milk supply is lower at night which is presumably why he doesn't do this at night...

OP posts:
delost · 16/05/2016 08:57

I went through exactly this and just wanted to let you know that it passed. Also started at about 8 weeks - thrashing head from side to side, often with nipple still in mouth, better at night though she did it then as well.

I scoured the web and found lots of anecdotes with people saying the same thing happened to them, but no solutions, so in the end resigned myself to it and also dreaded feeding in public. Then it suddenly stopped at about 12 weeks. Don't know why. Just one of those things I guess. I also have a pretty fast let down but she coped with it before the head shaking and since then, so I don't know what it was. Just wanted to let you know how things panned out for me, as I found it so frustrating at the time!

Hope things improve for you too.

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