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7wk old- does he need to have a feed at night?

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strangerjo · 18/04/2016 16:53

At the moment I am waking my 7wk old son up at night and not letting him go beyond 4 hrs without a feed. I've read that at this age it's ok to let them sleep through the night if they are tanked up prior to sleep or that a dream feed could be offered. What do people think about this? I'm quite scared to let my son sleep too long without food.

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 18/04/2016 16:56

I would let him wake for his own long as he has regained/surpassed his birth weight and is continuing to gain and is weeing/pooing well.

TeaBelle · 18/04/2016 16:58

I agree with pixie

TheEmperorNotTheSalad · 18/04/2016 20:02


Make the most of it

Writerwannabe83 · 18/04/2016 23:40

I wouldn't want him going any longer than 5-6 hours without a feed at that age as long as he's gaining weight well and feeding well in the day but otherwise I would let him sleep.

I used to set my alarm to wake me up every 3 hours to feed DS during the night and it used to drive DH mad Grin

HandbagFan · 18/04/2016 23:43

At 7 weeks I'd leave him til he wakes up. DS is 8 weeks and goes up to six hours at night and he's fine. Stock them up before bed.

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