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Really slow bottle feeder

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GothicRainbow · 07/04/2016 07:42

Feel like I'm posting a lot but after my first feed of the day with 2 week old DS2 I'm hoping to get yet more advice!

Got up to give him a bottle at 4.40 and he didn't finish the feed until 6am - even then I wasn't sure if he was done and dusted as he was still wide awake looking at me. It was more luck than judgement that he went back to sleep in his cot after half hour of rucksing about and lots of me putting his dummy back in!

Does anyone else have a slow feeder?? He took 3oz on that bottle and had a ton of wind, got about 7 burps up all in all with 2 rounds of hiccups - was a complete mission!!

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 07/04/2016 16:13

It could be completely normal but it may be worth getting him checked for tongue tie Smile

GothicRainbow · 07/04/2016 17:11

Thanks, he doesn't have an obvious tie but if things don't improve as he gets bigger than I will definitely look into getting it checked. Am I right in thinking the tie could be at the back or front of the tongue?

OP posts:
JiltedJohnsJulie · 07/04/2016 17:27

Yes you are right on thinking that. Have a read if this and see if any of the symptoms sound familiar Smile

drspouse · 07/04/2016 17:42

We had a slow feeder and were told that after a certain length of time they may be tiring themselves out more than feeding, and maybe to give them a short break (so maybe feed for half an hour, rest for the same and then feed again).

Not sure if that's the same as they advise now - he was very sleepy rather than tongue tie. Maybe ask HV what they think about that.

sepa · 07/04/2016 21:31

I was told by one of many mw I saw that you should bottle feed for an hour only. Not sure how true that is as we had a lot of bad advice.

Can I ask what bottles you use? My LO didn't feed too great until I switched from tommee tippee bottles to NUK bottles

Also found that moving the bottle up and down (so the teat moves the jaw) would get her to drink when she stopped

GingerCuddleMonsterThe2nd · 07/04/2016 21:43

Mine had no tounge tie, no wind or reflux, he just liked to sip...he would take nearly 1and a half hours to complete a feed sometimes. My HV just said give him a little rest have some me time and try the bottle again. Never passing the 2hour Mark or till he was obviously full.

She said he will feed at different rates throughout the day so may fine he feeds quicker upon waking from a longer sleep and so on. He's nearly 2 now and is a slow eater also.

GothicRainbow · 08/04/2016 08:18

Thanks everyone, Jilted the milk matters link you sent me was really useful. DS does do quite a few of the things on the list, he gulps, is very noisy when he feeds, including making a suck, suck, click type noise. He's also very windy which is tricky for us to get up and loses milk from the sides of his mouth.

I've spoken to DH and he thinks it would be worth us getting him checked out.

sepa we're using Dr Brown bottles, we used them with our DS1 who was a refluxer and they were very good.

OP posts:
JiltedJohnsJulie · 08/04/2016 09:10

Glad it was useful Smile

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