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Should I be offering both sides?

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maybebabybee · 31/03/2016 17:22

DS is 2 weeks. Gaining weight well, lots of wet and dirty nappies, etc etc. He feeds lots during the day and DP gives him one bottle of expressed milk in the evening. I only offer him one boob at a time as he comes off on his own and looks utterly full and satisfied (usually then falls asleep). Should I be offering both or is this ok?

OP posts:
SweetAdeline · 31/03/2016 17:25

If it's not broken don't try to fix it Smile

tiktok · 31/03/2016 17:47

It's generally a good idea to offer the second side in the early days but a zonked out, thriving baby who is unable to accept the kind offer is almost certainly fine :).

The reason for doing the offering bit is to help BF become well established, but for most mothers it's prob not essential.

Sounds like all is well :)

Tinofsardines · 31/03/2016 17:52

I never did! I always had a satisfied baby and they were never interested in more.

weebairn · 31/03/2016 18:32

I never did, mine fed very enthusiastically and grew well and got all they wanted from one side at a time

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