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bf baby who has a cold.

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fuzzyllama · 22/03/2016 08:38

Is it normal for babies to go off their food when under the weather ? Dd has had a cold he last few days, and seems uninterested in feeding and as a result is having fewer wet nappies. Is this normal and okay ?

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AlleyCatandRastaMouse · 22/03/2016 08:41

Keep offering and maybe try saline nasal drops to clear the nose. Otherwise it is short term and will be fine. Look out for anything getting worse but it most likely is past the first by now.

AlleyCatandRastaMouse · 22/03/2016 08:41


Imnotaslimjim · 22/03/2016 08:44

They give up on feeding because its so exhausting for them. If the nose is blocked they can't breath and feed. Just keep offering the breast, she'll take what she can. Its exhausting for you too as she'll be hungry but not able to feed properly. You can get a suction bulb to suck out the snot, and a saline spray to flush it for them.

katienana · 22/03/2016 08:51

Suction to clear the nose will help, also fresh air will make the nose run. You could also try feeding in a more upright position.

fuzzyllama · 22/03/2016 08:56

We've been using saline spray and a nasal aspirator. Her nose has tended to be runny as opposed to bunged up. She just seems off colour and frustrated with feeding. I'm more concerned with her urine output to be honest, when new born she was admitted to nicu with severe jaundice and dehydration and I just get very paranoid if her nappies aren't wet enough Confused she is having wet nappies but just not heavy ones, her morning nappy is usually very heavy from the night but today it was fairly light in comparison.

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